Strategic Planning

MCCA starts with the concept that businesses may be in one of five positions, and the positions indicate the level of corporate performance and urgency of action. The reasonable choices that are available to companies vary with each position, with companies in the Go For Gold position having the greatest resources and opportunities and companies in the Turnaround and Get Out positions having fewer resources and choices. Each company’s position is assessed using several paradigms and diagnostic tools.

Nonetheless, each company and not-for-profit organization is as unique as each human being is unique. So, a physician must provide careful attention to the individual, and MCCA provides careful attention to the unique issues, challenges and opportunities of each client.

Strategy & Business Planning of Privately Held Companies
MCCA - McCann Corporate Consulting Associates
MCCA is a consulting firm established in 1989 to assist companies and not-for-profit organizations under-performing to the expectations of their executives, shareholders, lenders and stakeholders.