Professional Services for Executives, Shareholders and Boards of Directors

Executives, shareholders and boards of directors face decisions involving uncertainty, and conflicting, incomplete and possibly erroneous information.  Effective decision making may depend on better information, a broader perspective or a new analytical framework. Sometimes, it is as simple as ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ looking at the data and the situation.

MCCA brings over twenty years of experience across many industries and the perspective of executives, shareholders and corporate directors. 

For more information on a selection of the principal professional services that executives, shareholders and boards of directors may require, click on the tabs for:

•    Strategic Planning
•    Business Planning
•    Negotiations
•    Banking
•    Comprehensive Business Reviews
•    Pricing for Profitability

* Niccolo Machiavelli, Management Consultant
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MCCA - McCann Corporate Consulting Associates
MCCA is a consulting firm established in 1989 to assist companies and not-for-profit organizations under-performing to the expectations of their executives, shareholders, lenders and stakeholders.