Comprehensive Business Reviews

MCCA typically starts with a preliminary review of a company’s (or not-for-profit’s) industry, strategy, shareholders, operations, marketing, finance, technology and people. In cases of financial distress, a thirteen-week cash flow statement and a summary of estimated liquidation proceeds may be prepared. While formulaic tools are helpful, seasoned professionals with many years of real business experience bring maturity and judgment to the process and conclusions.

Any business review will be limited by the financial, human and time resources available; but they must still be as comprehensive as possible and must meet or exceed standards of thoroughness, objectivity and independence.

In many cases, managers will use the comprehensive business review as a business plan to improve performance. Lenders, investors and boards of directors can use the review to monitor the milestones and results. In some cases MCCA is retained to provide coaching and reporting during the turnaround or recovery phase.

Article: Comprehensive Business Reviews
MCCA - McCann Corporate Consulting Associates
MCCA is a consulting firm established in 1989 to assist companies and not-for-profit organizations under-performing to the expectations of their executives, shareholders, lenders and stakeholders.