Specialized Implementation Expertise for Companies

Executives, shareholders and boards of directors of turnaround companies, family businesses and not-for-profit organizations have much different constraints and often much different stakeholders than most companies – and, the executive and managerial imperatives and dynamics are much different.

MCCA has experience under diverse conditions, and adjusts its approach to reflect the reality of the client’s situation. For example, we are adept at rapid decision-making under turnaround conditions; but, we generally advise a more patient, structured approach for family businesses and not-for-profits. A related, specialized service relates to boards of directors.

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•    Turnarounds
•    Family Business
•    Not-for-profit organizations
•    Corporate Directorships

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MCCA - McCann Corporate Consulting Associates
MCCA is a consulting firm established in 1989 to assist companies and not-for-profit organizations under-performing to the expectations of their executives, shareholders, lenders and stakeholders.