Family Business

Business Owned By A Family
A business owned by a family is any business, regardless of size, which is controlled and operated by two or more members of the same family and which is managed in a normal, professional manner appropriate for the business's size and industry.
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Family Business
A family business is a business controlled and operated by two or more family members, and in which business decisions are contaminated by family considerations and family relationships are contaminated by business decisions. By this definition, family businesses are dysfunctional.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching is a valuable option for privately held companies and especially family businesses. As Fred Wagman, an Independent, Associated Consultant with MCCA and an experienced Executive Coach has said, "It's lonely at the top and it's even lonelier for the father and mother in a family business. Who will give the most senior boss honest feedback and coaching about how his or her managerial and executive performance in the business and family business context?"

Strategy & Business Planning Of Privately Held Companies
MCCA - McCann Corporate Consulting Associates
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